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Design Process

Custom-made Order Workflow

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Order a custom-made item online and upload a photo, or photos, to begin the digital design process.

Use the online measurement chart and submit measurements online to expedite the process, and take accurate measurements according to the diagram and share this information with Equuleus.

Equuleus Designs is happy to provide you a sample set of fabric swatches to help you decide what products you will enjoy. Different fabrics accept the print inks differently and proper fabric choice can greatly enhance your design selections. We strive to guide you through your decisional process and to share our experience after trial and error and much experimentation. 

Design Review

Equuleus, within 2 days of imagery upload, contacts you to discuss your design and then provides you a contact sheet with several design options according to your design direction or online selection.

You choose a design and provide any other information necessary.

Equuleus, within 1 day following your choice confirmation, creates a final digital rendering of a proof of concept and measurement confirmation for your approval.

You approve the proof of concept and final measurements.


Equuleus, upon receipt of final approval, orders custom fabric, drafts custom-made pattern, sews--in the United States--the apparel or accessory (taking 4-6 weeks for apparel and accessories and 1 week for home décor), and ships the same or next business day after completion.


You acknowledge fit and enjoy, and post to social media or email a photo for the Custom Gallery.


Equuleus remedies any fit adjustments in consultation with you and strives for your complete satisfaction.