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Beautiful and majestic, horses often grace art, fashion, accessories, and décor. The timeless beauty and immense gifts of the horse underscore its longstanding interconnection with humankind. For an equestrian, your horse is, of course, the most perfect of all, so why not celebrate that and show the world. Other equestrian imagery including art, photography, and graphics also provide wonderful resources for inspired products. 

Established by lifelong equestrian enthusiasts in 2012 to fill an unmet need for specially designed, highly stylized, and truly meaningful items, we carefully create top quality custom-made apparel, accessories, and décor with your desired image displayed in unique and interesting ways. Whatever you can dream, we can help you achieve. As fellow equestriennes and animal lovers, we understand the deep connection you feel and want to express.

Equuleus provides a highly personalized creative experience that delivers custom-made, uniquely created décor and fashion looks that reflect your individual style and passion.

Equuleus also features specially curated in-stock collections from partner photographers and artists that supply ready-made, finely crafted décor and fashion looks that mirror your upscale tastes and desires.

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