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Horse & Style Magazine Photo Shoot

Posted by Larissa McCalla on

Horse & Style Magazine invited Equuleus to create a custom dress for model and equestrienne Mackenzie Drazan and to style and shoot the cover and other photos for the article about her in its August/September 2013 issue. It was a truly special experience and privilege working with the incredibly talented model and then seeing our work on the magazine's cover and inside its pages.

Mackenzie's horse Iced Tea is both pictured on the dress and with her in the cover shot. Mackenzie provided the original color photo that we then treated and designed into a more gritty, graphic image for the fabric. 

We sized the photo to fit the custom pattern made to Mackenzie's measurements and constructed it just in time for the shoot. Mackenzie styled the dress with her Mother's Tahitian black pearl choker, which proved the perfect choice.

Mackenzie also modeled some other Equuleus pieces within the magazine's pages. Check out the issue to see the full story about Mackenzie.

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